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Maintenance & Tune-Ups

To keep your computer working properly, computer maintenance and computer tune-ups are important. GhostNet, Inc.’s technicians provide computer maintenance services in order to catch small problems and prevent them from causing costly emergency repair services. Enabling proactive maintenance on your computer lessens your chance of computer meltdowns and will help to extend the life of your computer.

Effective computer maintenance can prevent:

  • Computer crashes and meltdowns
  • Downtime in your office
  • Data loss and corruption
  • Costly emergency computer repair fees
  • Slow computer speed

Update Software And Anti-Virus Software

Outdated software may allow viruses, malware, and spyware to harm your system, and sometimes the outdated software may even contain flaws that would cause your operating system to crash. Keeping your computer’s software up-to-date will eliminate downtime in your business caused by computer crashes and minimize virus repair service costs. GhostNet, Inc. can check your computer for system updates, and help choose the correct antivirus software for your home or business.

Remove Unnecessary Files And Programs

All computers need to be cleaned up regularly, as they store temporary files and downloads. Over time, these files will slow down your computer and take up space on your hard drive. GhostNet, Inc. will remove excess programs and files safely to speed up your computer.

Defragment Hard Drives

Defragmenting your hard drive is important to keep your computer running properly. As files are created and deleted, your computer stores fragments of each file. If you don’t defragment your hard drive, it slows your computer’s ability to boot up, retrieve files, back up files, and sort through stored information. GhostNet, Inc.’s technicians can defrag your hard drive and get your computer up to speed.

Other Maintenance Options

We know that your computer maintenance needs are unique, and we’re happy to provide a consultation to any computer users before determining the best computer maintenance option. We will never try to over-sell you products or software that you don’t need. If you want a reliable and experienced computer maintenance company in North Georgia give us a call. 706-253-1013

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