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Virus Removal

Virus Protection, Diagnosis, Repair & Optimization – In-Home, Remote or the best value – 24/7 On Call Support! Immediate removal of viruses, malware and spyware. Most unsuspecting Internet users pick up viruses from Internet downloads and other executable files. When you open a file with a virus attached to it, the virus ingrains itself in your computer and can seriously harm your hard drive. However, a lot of the viruses being spread around now are used to make the creator money. Viruses infiltrate your operating system, often times disguised as an anti-virus, and then prompt you to buy their services. Our virus repair services will help rid your system of these viruses to keep your machine running properly.

Spyware Removal

Spyware collects information about you through your Internet connection. While spyware is not usually harmful to your operating system, it can seriously slow down your Internet speed and gather as much of your personal information as possible. Most of the time, spyware is the cause of targeted pop-ups and advertisements on your computer and internet browser. As North Georgia virus removal experts, we can clear your computer of spyware and update your antivirus to prevent future problems.

Malware Removal

Malware is often unknowingly transferred onto your computer through Internet software downloads. Malware is specifically designed to harm or disrupt your operating system, and includes viruses like the Trojan horse. Once the containing file or program is opened, malware infiltrates the files on your computer and it can be very tricky to completely wipe them from your system. We can clean and protect your system and remove these threats.

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C. Shelley Repair is a Jasper & Canton, Georgia based computer and web development company that provides a wide variety of computer services, network maintenance, web design and development, web hosting, seo and social media services. Our clients are located in towns like Metro Atlanta, Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock, Canton, Roswell, Holly Springs, Jasper, Ellijay, and all over Georgia. We service clients in Cobb, Cherokee, Pickens, Gilmer and Fulton Counties and all over the Greater North Georgia Area.

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